The Dwah Experience "I firmly believe in writing down the vision you have for your life and then working towards that vision. It’s amazing to see the dreams and desires that I had written down fully manifest itself. Write the vision. Then go and work for it." Marquise Dwah Experiencce The Dwah Experience "I love writing and the entire behind the scenes process of music production. Taking an idea and watching it unfold is a joy for me. Figuring out the melodies and finding ways to convey a point or share a story. It's an art I hop to do this for a long time.

About Marquis Dwah

The Dwah Experience

Born in Orange, NJ, Marquis has been fascinated with music since early childhood days. “I was always beatboxing with friends and my cousins as well as writing rap lyrics at a really young age.” Interested in playing the drums for his local church, he was told by his music instructor to learn the piano first since that is the foundational instrument.

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The Dwah Experience New Website

Hey what’s up everyone! Welcome to the brand new website for The Dwah Experience! After years of being stagnant and with some help, I was finally able to execute the vision. I’ve been working on a new record that’s soon to be released (in fact we are in the mixing and mastering process now) that...
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Marquise Dwah Experiencce

New Single 'To My Child' out now on all streaming platforms!