Marquis Dwah

The Dwah Experience

Born in Orange, NJ, Marquis has been fascinated with music since early childhood days. “I was always beatboxing with friends and my cousins as well as writing rap lyrics at a really young age.” Interested in playing the drums for his local church, he was told by his music instructor to learn the piano first since that is the foundational instrument. Marquis went on to play sports and gave up on playing the drums. However, after graduating high school and enrolled in college, Marquis started to practice playing the piano in the music room and instantly fell in love with it. “It was a magical moment for me and I knew this is what I really wanted to do!” Fast forward a few years and Marquis is now a multi-instrumentalist who produces music out of his home studio as well as playing various instruments for different groups and churches. Four years ago, Marquis, along with his sister and friends, formed “The Dwah Experience.” In 2019, the group released their first single, a gospel tune titled “Thank You For Your Grace.” In 2020 he released another single titled Broke Us Apart. “That song was a reflection of life and my past choices that led to heartbreak and regret in past relationships and dealings.” The following year Marquis was able to expand his musical touch and dive into film composition for a hard knock life documentary on Piscataway Boys basketball as well as Rutgers “The Forgotten Era”. That series can be seen live on youtube. 

“Besides film, I’m still writing and working on more music to be released in 2022 and finish quite a few EP’s of different genres. My goal is to give you the full Dwah Experience.”